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About us

Our company specializes in the production of nylon paracord 550 (type III) of the original american technology.This type of paracord is characterised by ease, flexibility, strength, and can withstand up to 250 kg load on the break.

We also provide paracord 750 (Type IV), minicord, microcord, reflective paracord, coreless paracord and shock-cord.

In the manufacturing we use high-quality polyamide threads which are very similar to the ones USA does.

FIBEX - is a team of entrepreneurs, which is full of ideas and enthusiasm. We provide best quality products. We focus on our customers.>>

Our advantages

High-quality thread
We work with the best European production plants nylon thread, so all our products are of high quality.
Large warehouse
Thanks to the large warehouse parachute cord, our products are always in stock.
We perform
the custom orders
We approach each client individually, and if you do not find what they wanted on our website, We will make what you need.
Control of quality
Our production goes through several stages of quality control before sent to customers.
Different packaging
We pack paracord in rolls 10, 20, 30 meters and spools 100 and 300 meters.
Program of loyalty
Discount for our products is up to 40% depending on your purchases.


101 way to use paracord. Multifunctional cord.
101 way to use paracord. Multifunctional cord.
We offer you 101 way to use paracord!
Nylon vs Polyester Cord. Which one is Better?
Nylon vs Polyester Cord. Which one is Better?
Active users of nylon paracord probably have noticed availability of nylon and polyester cords on...
The list of exhibitions Fibex takes part in
The list of exhibitions Fibex takes part in
We are glad to inform you about exhibitions Fibex team takes part in.
FIBEX on "IWA OutdoorClassics 2017"
FIBEX on "IWA OutdoorClassics 2017"
In this year our company has decided to conquer the hearts of fans of survival, tourism and travel...

About paracord

Paracord is essential to daily life!

It is widely used in manufactury of clothes, bags, strings, bages, vests, functional and original accessories.

Thanks to its multifunctionality and reliability paracord can be used on a daily basis, in tourism and for military needs. Paracord was begun to use in the last century. During the Second World War american paratroopers cut slings and ropes after landing and continued to use it for different purposes.

Experts recommend 20-30m of cord stored as additional safety measures in case of emergency.

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