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Meter counter EDCX

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 Meter counter Meter counter Meter counter Meter counter Meter counter Meter counter Meter counter

349 €

Product ID: 3086

Product weight 6,5 kg
Working temperature -15 - 55
Measuring range 0.30 99999.9 m
1 turnover 30 cm
Maximum speed 120 /
Transmission speed 360 rpm

Not available
Product ID: 3086
Total price
349 €
Price 1
349 €
Price 2
340 €
Price 3
330 €

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Looking for a way to automate measurement and control process the length of the finished product ?

For this purpose it is intended MECHANICAL meter counter.

It can be used to measure the length of the finished product and all production process that should automatically delect product length.

✔  Interference immunity

✔  Simple , robust and reliable design 

✔  Has a large digital indicator and sound

✔  Applied original technologies to improve measurement accuracy

✔  Sensors with overload protection are used

✔  Ability to install both on mobile and fixed devices with 4 fixing bolts

✔  Counting at speeds up to 360 rpm

✔  Wear- resistant , rubber coated roller eliminates slippage of slippage of the wound product

Stop wasting time measuring product!

Order a meter counter right now and forget about unnecessary labor costs.