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Grappling Hook EDCX

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Grappling HookGrappling HookGrappling HookGrappling HookGrappling Hook

20 €

Product ID: 3308

Foldable and Portable: The grappling hook can be folded together, saving space in your backpack and making it easier to transport.

Durability. Made of high quality steel, grips securely and resists rust steadily and has a long lifespan.

The kit includes:

- 15 m of black paracord 550 type III

- 3 steel independent grips

- case


Product ID: 3308
Total price
20 €
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18.40 €
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17 €
Price 3
15.40 €

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      Grappling hook this is:

      ☑️ made of stainless steel with 4 prongs
      ☑️ the working load of the hook is 650 kg, the paracord is 250 kg
      ☑️ all parts are of the same length for compact transport when folded
      ☑️ no piercing or cutting parts, for safe use on inflatable boats

      The structure consists of 3 independent elements: scraper-gripper - 1 pc., Scraper-grab traction - 2 pc.
      ☑️ The pull jaws are inserted into the groove of the jaw scraper and folded so that the holes on the handle line up.
      ☑️ Then the hook is fixed with a paracord.


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