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Kevlar saw EDCX

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Kevlar Saw
Kevlar Saw
Kevlar Saw

4.89 €

Product ID: 3304

Cord: kevlar micro cord, thickness 1.4 mm

Rings: stainless steel

Spool: wood

Weight: about 25g

Saw length: 5 m

Cord color: yellow, highly visible in low light conditions.

Breaking load: 120 kg.

Product ID: 3304
Total price
4.89 €
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4.50 €
Price 2
4.16 €
Price 3
3.62 €

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   Have you ever sawed wood with a cord?  Kevlar saw is here for this, plus:
   ☑️ 120 kg to break
   ☑️ it is packaged in a survival kit
   ☑️ makes it possible to cut wood in a couple of minutes

     1. Preparation

     Remove the Kevlar cord from the spool and tie the loose ends to an object under your hand, branch, or knife handle.

     2. Sawing

     Using a makeshift saw, saw off your object, making repeated movements at the same speed.

     Be sure to use long strokes so that friction does not concentrate on the same area of the Kevlar.

     Order a Kevlar saw and easily get firewood and cut large branches even in the most emergency situations.


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