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Titanium Grappling Hook EDCX

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Titanium Grappling Hook
Titanium Grappling Hook
Titanium Grappling Hook

54 €

Product ID: 3583

The set includes 15 m of paracord.

You save $ 4-10 on paracord.

Color - Gray
Material - Technical titanium VT1.0

Cord - Paracord type III 550

Breaking load - 750 kg

Product ID: 3583
Total price
54 €
Price 1
49.68 €
Price 2
45.90 €
Price 3
41.58 €

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      Titanium grappling hook is a:
      ☑️ compact hook with a 4 scraper
      ☑️ breaking load of 740 kg but weighs 105 g
      ☑️ no piercing or cutting parts, for safe use on inflatable boats
      ☑️ all parts are of the same length for compact transport when folded

      The structure consists of 3 independent elements: scraper-gripper - 1 pc., Scraper-grab traction - 2 pc.
      ☑️ The pull jaws are inserted into the groove of the jaw scraper and folded so that the holes on the handle line up
      ☑️ Then the hook is fixed with a paracord


       Challenge yourself to harsh conditions with the right tools.

       A titanium grappling hook is great for this and more.

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